Forever Rosaries & More will skillfully take your roses (other flowers can be used) from a funeral, wedding, birth, or other special occasion and transfer your flowers into beautiful beads. Your flowers will be crushed and hand-crafted into beads, which can be made into a pair of rosary beads, a decade of the rosary, a chaplet, a necklace, a bracelet, or a bookmark. Please expect a small variation in size and coloring as each bead is hand-crafted. Speckles in the beads are natural—these are the pieces of the crushed roses or flower petals. You will enjoy the hand-crafted beauty of your rosary beads, but always remember their purpose………….prayer.  
Avoid getting beads wet.
If ordering bracelets or necklaces, please remove jewelry before taking a shower, doing dishes, or swimming.
Your rose beads are extremely hard and should not break or crack, unless they have been played with by small children or exposed to harsh chemicals.
If any beads should every break or crack, they will be replaced free of charge with just the cost of shipping and handling.
Again, please remember to keep all your hand-crafted beads from getting wet.
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